The beginning…

Well here it is…

Wow huh?

Yeah…me too…

Aman Alhamid has a blog…

*awkward silence*

Well…I suppose it was the next logical step… :s

I must admit, I was rather hesitant about the whole thing…but I guess it is what I make of it that will determine whether or not this will be just another blog…or something else.

Something different.

So why WordPress?

I was actually undecided between Blogger and WordPress…but after some reading up on their respective ‘JOIN US!’ promotional banter pages, I liked WordPress more. It was neater, cleaner looking (interpret that how you will) and most importantly, there was less banter to sift through 😉

As I sat there…my cursor hovering over the ‘Sign Up’ button…I contemplated a heck of a lot of things. My previous perspective of blogs has changed quite a bit…I used to think blogs were a place for adolescent teenagers to rant, curse and rave about stuff they were actually too young to understand. Used to think that blogs were a place where really really sad people come and type out their life story every day stating just how unloved and unblessed they are…totally forgetting the rezki they have to be ABLE to blog…a computer, a functioning brain…

Basically I was sickened by blogs only because the ones I had ever read were those of self-pitying people with narrow minds.

But my opinion has changed.

I found out that blogs can be clever (thanks Met) and educational even (thanks Rosie).

Blogs provide you with a dose of perspective. It makes you think. It gives you information and leaves you to digest it.

One’s blog reflects who the person is and what the person considers important.

It may change the way you see life…or it may make you giggle.

As I said earlier, it is whatever one makes it to be.

And I hope mine is a worthy one 🙂

With that…




6 Responses to “The beginning…”

  1. bubbly in sparkly black Says:

    wow. you. blogging.

    (o_O) haA~ah?

    hehe WELCOME you! 😀

    “There is all the difference in the world between having something to say, and saying something.” (John Dewey, 1859-1952)

    Aight, have fun with this! 🙂

    A genius once told me that WordPress, after all, is for the coolest of people. lol. :p

    And oh yeah, one prospective stalker coming up! ;p

    *Singing MJ* How does it feel? (How does it feel?)

    Heh. Who am I kidding? Possibly more to come kali! lol. X)

  2. Jes,

    All geniuses use WordPress 🙂

    More stalkers to come?

    Well, at least you’re the first 😉

  3. thou art linked….

  4. and oh yeah… GET A TAG BOX here is a link for you

  5. Thanks Tibster!

    I would LOVE to get a tag box bro, but WordPress doesn’t support it.

    It’s cool though, less noisey 🙂

  6. wheee~ a blog! =) hehe


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