Just a note

This is with regards to my post entitled ‘Trip Down Memory Lane;

Just to clarify, as this point was brought to my attention by a friend; when my ex mentioned that I was her first, what she means is ‘first love’, it has nothing to do with virginity. As a couple, we were very well behaved 🙂

Apologies that this isn’t a proper post, but yeah, it’s just a note I have to add so people don’t get the wrong idea.

Sometimes some things are lost in translation when you’re reading them from a computer screen.

To make it up to you nice people who take the time to read my blog so religiously, watch this:

This is Jose Feliciano.

The part at 1:53-2:10 makes me wanna cry tears of joy.

Doesn’t he play the guitar beautifully?

And just in case you didn’t know…he’s blind.

Puts all of us to shame huh?

It sure does.


Stay safe everybody,

And behave yourself 😉



2 Responses to “Just a note”

  1. look at this mofo….=)

  2. Well, it’s unfortunate, but I have to be careful.

    Tis the world we live in my friend.

    Tis the world we live in.

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