Pictures I

Righto I’ve got some pictures for you lot!

Apologies that this isn’t a proper post, but yeah, pictures shall suffice, no?

Had some fun playing dress up during the Japan Week Exhibition at the Chancellor’s Hall 🙂

And yes, all pictures will magically enlarge upon the click of your mouse.


*Got geisha?*



*This robe is pretty darn cool*


*It may be made of wood…but I can still give you a nasty splinter!*

*You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by…*
*Smooth Criminal San*


*Wacky Japanese Boy*

*We are culturally confused*

*Doesn’t Met look constipated? That’s cos he is 🙂 *

Gotta admit, the whole experience was rather fun. I was so tempted to break out the Arabic to the adorable Japanese lecturer, just to see her reaction, hehehe.

She spoke to me in Japanese and I just nodded in my ‘Know-It-All-Sort-Of-Way’, it was then that she stopped, looked at me and said,

“You don’t understand-o Japanese, I’m very sorry. You are not from around here, obviously”

HAHAHAHAHA, she’s damn cute!

In my last encounter with her, she thought I was a newspaper reporter because I wore my black corduroy jacket with the white arm band!

* * *

Since we’re on the topic of pictures, I would like to introduce you to Siti Rahmah, the girl who stole my heart and refused to give it back!


*How can you not fall in love with that face?*

I think she likes me by the way 😉

* * *

Found a nice surprise when I came home today, one of our potted plants blossomed rather nicely, a species of Hymenocallis if I am not mistaken.

*Masha Allah, this flower has pink pinstripes!*
* * *

Alrighty then, I’m sure, like me, you probably did not have much sleep last night, so I shall let you all hit the sack, but before you do, don’t forget to brush your teeth, take wudhu and read a small doa 🙂

If you’re not Muslim…then at least just brush your teeth 🙂

Speaking of sleep, this is a song I’ve been listening to lately…

*Roy Orbison – In Dreams*
“Its too bad that all these things,
can only happen in my dreams.
Only in dreams…
in beautiful dreams.”

Stay safe everybody!

And may you have sweet & beautiful dreams.



5 Responses to “Pictures I”

  1. Realise that you were wearing your armband and i had my watch on? picture bloopers!

  2. i mean ‘wristband’ hehe.

  3. HAhaha, yeah man, it’s called a discrepancy.

    Yay! A new English word for Met!

    SUP BRO!

    And yes, wristband….

    You still smell bro… XD

  4. OMG an arab wearing a japanese yukata is sooooooooooo wrong…lol 😛

  5. If Japan brings the honour, I shall bring the hair 😉

    That is the way…of the Arabian Samurai!

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