Are You Watching Closely…?

Salaams everyone šŸ™‚

Just watched ‘The Prestige’ (for the third/fourth time) on DVD just now.

In case it wasn’t inherently obvious…I love the movie.


For one thing, it’s about Magic šŸ™‚

For another thing, the cast is brilliant, with top notch acting all the way through.

And for another thing still, the story is genius, absolute genius.

In a world where B-grade movies are flying out of Hollywood faster than a speeding bullet, seeing a solid, good movie is a rare treat.

Granted, this movie came out about 2 years ago, but the date of release of ANYTHING good is of no importance to me.

Quality is quality, no matter when it was released.

For me, my logic for movies (and music) is ‘latest isn’t always the greatest’, hehe, all my friends know that.

Christopher Nolan (watch anything this man releases) directed this movie SO well.

Now, I’ve watched it a number of times, I know the story, I know the lines…and yet, I’m still fooled.

The acting is THAT good.

If you know the story and you know the role Christian Bale plays…watch it again and see if you can notice when he is ‘himself’ and when he’s not.

There’s a scene where he says to his wife,

“I love you,”

“Say it again,” she replies.

“I love you,” he repeated.

“No, not today you don’t,” she says.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“There are some days that you mean it and some days that you don’t. Maybe today you love magic more than me,” she said with a smile.

So patient she is šŸ™‚

ANYWAY, knowing the story and what that conversation really alluded to, I was stunned by Bale’s acting; I could actually tell when he ‘meant’ it and when he didn’t, his acting is that good. You’re gonna have to watch the movie again if you want to catch that out though.

But it’s the sincerity. How can you act that well?


What I love about the movie is that it shows the lows that 2 men are willing to go through, thanks to obsession.


Both Jackman and Bale are magicians trying to outperform each other, there’s only one problem.

Jackman is a lousy ‘magician’ but a good showman. He can take a tired old trick and perform it well.


Bale is an amazing ‘magician’ but a horrible showman. He can’t perform for nuts, no matter HOW good the trick.


In fact ‘magician’ is not the word to use, it’s ‘magical engineer’, the guy who comes up with the trick. The man who comes up with the method behind the magic.

Problem is, both of them are obsessed about what the other one has, that they lack.

So yeah, watching the movie, you’ll see the brilliance in Bale’s eyes as he watches another magician perform. He’ll scoff at how simple the method to the trick really is. Jackman will just sit there dumbfounded, he can’t figure it out.

Now, you will learn one or two things about magic watching the movie, but these aren’t secrets we use anymore (or rarely) so it’s ok šŸ™‚


*Up your sleeve*

What you’ll learn most importantly is the principles of magic, the key one being Jackman’s speech to Bale at the end, about why magic is performed.

Having said all that, this movie is really me, I must say. Being a HUGE Wolverine fan (way way back since 1994) and a big fan of Batman and of course a lover of magic…this movie is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.

SO glad that the story and production is good, Alhamdulillah.

And of course Chris Nolan (WATCH HIS MOVIES!) does a great job. The first Nolan movie I ever watched was ‘Memento’ and I still remember it today. It was that good.

So, if you haven’t watched this movie, do it now šŸ™‚

It’s a solid 10/10 for me.

* * *

Had lunch with Met, Jeff and the Az-man!

The Capers All You Can Eat was really great. I have a love/hate r’ship with buffets, I love it cos…it’s a buffet, but I hate it because it sort of encourages you to overeat or overindulge? Know what I mean? You feel that you should eat as much as you can to justify the price you paid, when in actuality, a simple sandwich would have sufficed?

Anyway, that’s a bit off topic.

The lunch was very good, Capers do fantastic Italian dishes.

Coming from a home where we cook Italian food (Alhamdulillah), pasta isn’t exactly the first thing I look for when I leave the house, know what I mean? So I normally go for the Italian pizzas, which they did very well too.

But the cream of the crop, as it were, was definitely the Linguini Carbonara with Salmon (I think that’s what it’s called anyway!), of which we had 3 plates šŸ™‚


After that we went to Q-lap mall for a bit. Met wanted to get his ‘secret ingredient’ (so homo) and while we were there, I happened to perchance upon a WACKY~~ shirt for Met.


*So wacky~~*

Can’t you see him wearing that? XD


Then we had a Microbio prac and I was drained, the lack of sleep the night before caught up with me and I was absolutely useless to the group.

Major apologies guys!

Needless to say, when I got home I hit the sack and woke up around 10pm. It’s 2am now.

My Booga is flying off to S’pore tomorrow to sort a few things out šŸ™‚

But I’m gonna miss her šŸ˜¦

She’ll be gone for a week šŸ˜¦

Who am I gonna hug now?

Met…sorry bro…but that’s what friends a for yeah? šŸ˜‰

Anyway, thanks all for taking the time to read this, I shall reward you (hehe) by showing you one of my MOST watched magic clips. I have it on DVD, but yeah found it on Youtube. I love his performance, it is perfect.

Won him numerous awards and he now has his own show (and theatre!) in Las Vegas.

*Lance Burton*

I hope one day I’ll be as cool as him šŸ™‚

Instead of doing silly tricks with matches…that break in half on you while everyone is watching :s

Stay safe everyone,

And don’t do tricks with matches, they break and make you look silly šŸ™‚



10 Responses to “Are You Watching Closely…?”

  1. i liked the movie… the only part which i dont like is where he actually cloned himself… i think it exaggerated too much with the cloning part. especially at that time of the world.

  2. Tip, you weren’t watching closely! ;p

    Haha, no lah. You got a point, the cloning part was a bit ‘over-the-top’ but necessary for the eventual conclusion (and plot twist) at the end.

    TRIVIA: Did you know that ALL the sleight of hand performed by Jackman and Bale, during the movie, were taught to them by professional magicians and was NOT accomplished by any camera tricks.

    Such scenes include (these are some examples, but there are more) where Jackman makes a flower appear in his hand and also when he’s practicing making the bullet appear and disappear on his palm. For Bale: when he produces the coin behind the kid’s ear (as in the picture in the post) and also when he performs the linking rings routine (just before Jackman shot him).

    Basically, if it looks like it took them skill to do it, it’s because it did!

  3. daym dat shirt is WACK!!! geezez~

  4. purple baby~ whack 2 da max.word

  5. Actually…it’s pink.

    And Met loved it šŸ™‚

  6. i love the movie. i hope you don’t think im a stalker now. hahahaha.

  7. Nah, not at all.

    Enjoy yourself! šŸ˜€

    By the way…do I know you?

  8. urmm.. you dont know me. i dont know you either. just bloghopping and found you. i’m a friend of metis’s brother, alister. =)

  9. Oh cool!

    Checked out your blog! Love the background!

    Feel free to loiter, linger and vandalize this blog yeah?

    See you around!

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