Seeing Black


And how are you today?


I sincerely hope so.

As for yours truly…well, he got home, had dinner, felt sleepy, decided to nap at 7pm and wake up at 9pm. I just woke up an hour ago…and it’s 2am.


I dreamt of Indiana Jones!!!


Well…it wasn’t like the dream was ABOUT him…but he was walking around.

I love his movies (can’t wait for the next one!)

Anyway, I was like,

“Are you really Indiana Jones?!”

And he was like,


And I said,


Woke up shortly after that.

The of stupidity of the dream was getting to be too much for me.

Anyway, the dream must be because of my conversation with Dr. Ulmar eariler on.

Went to see Dr. Ulmar about my potential project work with him next year and it was so cool!

He actually gave me an option of things I could do and they all sounded terrific, very heavy-duty field work stuff. You know? Getting nitty-gritty with nature, out there covered in mud, feeling all manly, stomping around with a machete, hacking away at tree branches, catching frogs and feeling really good about yourself.

All in the name of science 🙂

Oklah, so maybe it’s not 100% Indy stuff, I know he doesn’t catch frogs…but still!

I got the hat!


Gotta find a whip though…

Haha, no lah, but seriously, his talk really inspired me and not only could I see myself performing the research he suggested, but it looked like an experience I wouldn’t mind taking on…leeches and all.

I don’t think I can talk much about it here because it’s all still uncertain at this point but I will most definitely let you all know when I’ve made a confirmed decision.

* * *

Today, our practical was supremely interesting, as the test subjects…were ourselves!


I completely humiliated myself with the Perimeter test…my goodness…

Basically the test indicates the distribution of the cones and rods (the colour-detecting cells) in the eye by determining at which angle you first observe colour. So it’s not a colour blindness test or anything, but you sure as heck feel colour blind!!

Alhamdulillah, I’m not colour blind.


Anyway, I started yelling out colours that didn’t exist and SWEARING they were there!

“It’s a black disc! I swear to God it’s a black disc!!! Eh…oh…it’s yellow…”


I’m sure Met will blog about it later… *sigh*

But, in preparation for that, I shall put up the pic of Met doing what he does best, right bro? 😉

*The price of being wacky~~*

I know I can be a mean friend sometimes…

And I have to admit…with my skills on Photoshop…there were a MILLION and one things I was tempted to do to this pic…

But I’m not that mean… 🙂

On a brighter note, the test indicated that Met’s lungs are grotesquely huge and he will survive underwater at least 10 seconds longer than all of us if we were drowning, lost out at sea on a dark, stormy night.


All I know is that if a yellow coloured rescue boat came to fetch me out of the water, I’d swear to God it was black.

* * *

SPEAKING of black!!!

Check out my newest addition to my close up table!!!


*Magic shouldn’t look this sexy…*

To the uninformed, a close up table is the table at which close up magicians (such as myself) practice and perform their magic.

And the new addition here is the half black, half clear glass candle holder!!!

Wicked yeah?

Got an awesome routine that goes with it too 😉

* * *

*Sup bro!*

Haha, yeah man, found it in the glove box of the Holden, will pass it back to you on Monday Insha Allah.

Alrighty then you lot, I would like to get any of the work I can get out of the way…out of the way, before next week comes a-knocking at my door.

And none of us are looking forward to next week right guys?

If you’re in my course you’d understand 🙂

G’nite…or G’morning as it were, you all.

Stay safe,

And it’s black…swear to God 😉



6 Responses to “Seeing Black”

  1. I knew I left it in your car haha! mann you look so KOREAN for one moment there…NOT! thanks anyway buddy…and no, i’m not looking forward to next week…i shall call it the ‘Wacky Week’ =)

  2. Felt so wacky~~ wearing it…it was so weird…

    And as for next week…man, anytime you’re involved, it’s BOUND to be wacky~~.

  3. Man dat fieldwork shit sounds awesome, real exciting…i knew i should have taken science…dammit!

  4. Yeah!

    Then you can borrow your Dad’s khanjar and make it more useful than a clothing accessory ;p

  5. gudness gracious me..what is ‘da whack’ doing?! n bon seems lightened i hav 2 if he telling us ‘look at my unique masterpiece,designed 4 metis in case he gets horny’
    Metis: ‘can i go to sleep now? im not horny yet..maybe later?’

  6. My my, that’s quite an imagination you got going there!

    But every word you have said is true


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