So awhile ago, my cousin forwarded me a link to a Youtube video and he asked me to watch it. What I saw absolutely appalled me.

It wasn’t exactly what I saw that was appalling…but it was what I heard. It was a music video. I shall not state the name of the song nor the name of the singers because quite frankly, they don’t deserve the celebrity.

The lyrics were horrible! What was that?! The graphic lyrics were about the ‘nasty things’ only married people should perform. At first I thought this was a joke…but no…this was an established group! They made CDs! They made music but…this wasn’t music! This was porn!

The last time I checked, you write lyrics with your heart, mind and soul…not with some other part of your anatomy!

I honestly felt that I should be wearing a condom listening to that rubbish.

Needless to say, I closed the window before the video had gotten to the half way mark.

What is the world coming to?

Is this music?

Is this what a timeless art has been reduced to?

People who know me well…know I do not listen to the radio, well, not by choice anyway. And that song I heard on Youtube just proved my point.

There is very very little good music out there today, so little in fact, that I’ve given up turning on the radio anymore.

ALOT of the music coming out now is either about sex, ideas pertaining to the Black culture of America or just general brain-dead music.

And what is brain-dead music you ask?

I got 2 words for you:

Teriyaki Boys (Met loooooves them)

People always ask me…why do you like Michael Jackson so much? He’s a freak! He’s weird!

Well, maybe he is. But at least he knows music. At least he knows entertainment value. If you don’t appreciate the person behind the music, fine, we all have our flaws…but at least look at his art!

I mean, like him or not, he DID make music what it is today…seriously. Without him, black artists might not even BE on MTV. MJ was the first black artist to be aired on MTV, prior to that, MTV refused to air black music videos. MJ fought for that right, paving the way for the future of all black artists on MTV.

Not only that, but his music was amazing! Just the OPENING segment of Billie Jean creates an excitement and mysterious aura no other song has been able to match, Thriller made you want to do the iconic dance that goes along with it, Human Nature makes you sway to its sweet melody, You Are Not Alone becomes an anthem for all the lonely people, Smooth Criminal makes you think of me 😉 , Beat It is a song you just can’t help but sing along to and They Don’t Care About Us is a song with a beat your feet can’t resist tapping to.

And his dancing? Forget about it!

So why do I love MJ so much?


It’s like, if you have found the best…why settle for anything less?

That’s the way I see it.

Alright, alright, we get it, so MJ is the King of Pop, but what about the others Aman? Is all other music condemned to hell?

Haha, what a silly question.

The answer is of course, yes.












Good music is not rare…it just doesn’t exist in large quantities in the present as it did in the past. Think about it:

* Nat King Cole
* Dean Martin
* Frank Sinatra
* Johnny Mathis
* Louis Armstrong
* The Righteous Brothers
* The Bee Gees
* Ray Charles

They all were HUGE back then, and their music still stands strong today.

Too old for you? Yeah 1960’s is a bit…yeah, ok.

Slightly more recent artists I think make good music:

* Nirvana
* Foo Fighters
* Josh Groban
* Sting
* Elton John
* Andrea Bocelli
* Eminem (yes…but only some songs)

Just to name a few.

Check out this old band my Dad introduced to me…Bread

Yes, there’s a band named Bread.


You’ll thank me later.

Lovely, no?

You can thank me now 😉



THIS is what music should be like!

Teriyaki boys, please take note, God damn it.

And listen to this:

This one made a lump magically appear in my throat…it described how I felt at one particular time, a long time ago.

The lyrics…told a story… in sheer poetry…

THIS is what music is meant to do! Music is supposed to touch your heart, make you think and feel and cry…

I’ll tell you something.

Most of today’s songs become famous/popular by relying on a catchy beat…not the soulfulness of its lyrics and not the genius of it’s musical intricacy.

Such cases include the ridiculous Teriyaki crap, the annoying ‘I’m Blue’ song and the (Astaghfirullah) stupid, stupid, STUPID ‘Crazy Frog’ song.




These songs are ridiculously brain numbing, I reckon my brain cells die a horrible death whenever such songs are aired.

Crazy frog?!


Someone please put this mentally deranged frog in an asylum before I dissect him!

And yet…

People like them.

Know why?

It’s the beat…the underlying beat is infectious…doesn’t make it good music though, it just makes it…how to say, ‘easier’ to swallow? Because it digs into the recesses of your mind and stays there, FORCING you to like it by running itself over and over again in your mind.

Ever wonder why a beat just won’t get out of your head…? It has been engineered to do just that.

Anyway, that crazy frog and the blue alien thingy can get in the teriyaki mobile and bugger off for all I care. Will.I.Am and his ‘Got it from my mama’ song can tag along too.

For me, it’s like comparing a movie with QUALITY acting and dialog to a movie with crap acting…but lots of naked scenes and violence. They’ll both be popular for sure…but for different reasons. They would attract different crowds…

As I said in my ‘About’ page…perhaps I’m just old fashioned. I’m not of the ‘younger crowd’ that finds such noise (I refuse to call it music) ‘nice’. I just can’t appreciate new music…I’m sorry.

Perhaps that’s the explanation to all this then?

I’m just old fashioned 🙂

But we KNOW good music exists.

So why can’t they make it anymore?

Well, they DO…as I said, it’s just rare.

Perhaps I haven’t been listening out for new music enough to be sure.

Perhaps I just haven’t been open-minded enough.


But I’m happy and content, looking in the past, for good music.

All of what I’ve said earlier is not to be applied holistically on all new music, it’s just highlighting the general (descending) trend in the quality of music coming out now.

Remember: The latest isn’t always the greatest, but the classics are called classics for a reason. Think about it.

And I reckon everyone should, at least once in a while, try to look where music came from…what music was…before they can truly evaluate what music should be.


Stay safe everybody,

And always wear your ear condoms!



10 Responses to “Music?”

  1. I think you have a big typo in this post.

    ‘Teriyaki Boys (Met loooooves them)’

    It’s Teriyaki Boyz.

    And you forgot to mention about Backstreet Boys.

    Noob. I bet you’re SO annoyed now HAHA.

  2. HAHA. Good one, Met. 😀

    Music huh? Interesting…

    Nirvana? Josh Groban? FOO FIGHTERS??

    Now we’re talking… 🙂 lol.

    Wow. Can’t believe I’ve heard of all 6 of em classics.
    I feel so…old classic now. hehe

    Hey 1970s-80s weren’t so bad either. While MJ was still hot back then, the ladies; e.g. Dionne, Aretha, Roberta and Gladys, were awesome too.

    And you didn’t mention John Coltrane. :s A well-known classic too. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of him? *gasp*

  3. Dionne, Aretha, Roberta and Gladys, oh yes most definitely and let’s not forget the Chordettes, Nancy Sinatra, Whitney Houston and Edith Piaf.

    I left out ALOT of artists I like spanning from the 30’s – 80’s. What I listed in the post was just off the top of my head…

    Don’t tell me you want the WHOLE list now… 😉

    John Coltrane, the name rings a bell, but I can’t quite say I heard of him 😦

    Thanks for letting me know though, I shall go and try to find his songs.

    In kind return, I suggest you look for music by Paul Williams.

  4. Agree with the gist of this…but wouldn’t include Johnny Mathis with the largely deceased or retired list of performers. He still tours all year long, sells out pretty much every show……I saw him in Florida last week. His new CD (not retreads) has been released in Europe and should be out in this country in May. I wish time hadn’t turned against some of the others on your list….but so far it hasn’t passed for Mathis.

  5. woo2,

    Thanks for the heads up on Mathis! I was not aware he was still touring!

    May good music continue to live on 🙂

    Hope he can still hit the high notes!

  6. THANK U THANK U THANK U for posting this am sick and tierd of trying 2 convince ppl that da songs now r crap (well most) thank god sum1 agrees with me (alhamdullah)…unlike u guyz tho i dun go back that far am a wee lassie afterall 😉

  7. Yes you are a wee Omani lassie who schlags professionally.

    And yes, it’s sad to note that music has gone downhill, perhaps another reason is because becoming a celebrity is so much easier now.

    Back then, people REALLY HAD TO WORK HARD to become famous, now, esp with the Internet, celebrity is easier than ever.

    Heck, I’m a celebrity on Google 😉

    Perhaps you can use this point in your essay? Celebrity = influencing power = cultural shift = homogeneity AND heterogeneity.

  8. sinatra, natkingcole, franklin, warwick, are you into jazz and the 60s? because if you are.. i think we should meet up and talk music. hahahaha.

  9. I am DEFINITELY into that kind of music…and of course, Micheal Jackson 😉

    Nice to see I’m not the only one who finds this kind of music entertaining!

    Welcome to the club 😉

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