Old Fashioned

Salaams ladies and gentlemen!

This is quite a coincidence…

Remember when I said that I considered myself ‘old fashioned’?

Looks like I’m not the only one 😉

Now all you young whipper snappers may not know who they are. That is Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire. Rita is the beautiful woman in the dress just in case any of you were confused. Great dress right? Neckline is a bit…yeah, but the rest if great! To be honest, Rita looks like my Grand-Aunty when she was young 🙂

Fred, is of course, a wonderful dancer. In fact, he was Michael Jackson’s inspiration! I love watching old clips of Fred, I’d watch them again and again and again.

This one is my fave! (Don’t worry, it’s a short 1:18 long clip) Fred does a magic trick in this one, see if you can catch it.


I love the sound of tap dancing shoes!

Did you catch the magic trick he did?

Here’s something you can note, whenever Fred dances, the camera doesn’t cut (or after a long time it does). This is because he wants it that way, makes it more wholesome, you know? I think he just loved dancing and didn’t want to stop when the director yelled ‘Cut!’.

About the first clip…I just got all soft inside when Rita sang those words, to tell Fred that she was old fashioned too…Wow…

I need me some of that 🙂

Anyways, apologies for the lack of a proper post, but I have a truck load of work to get back to.

Stay safe everybody,

I’ll just stay old fashioned 😉



Here’s a sweet jazz version of the song, ‘I’m Old Fashioned’ by Sara Gazarek, trust me, you will like.


I’m old fashioned
But I don’t mind it
That’s how I want to be
As long as you’ll agree
To stay old fashioned with me


4 Responses to “Old Fashioned”

  1. i love oldies..welcome to the club homey lol..the carpenters-yesterday once more is superd 2 😉 music these days dont stand strong :S.bottom line long live oldies LOL..deir oldies but goldies1 😉 n if ya`ll hate it..well..u can kiss wif metis(his a sista now).period

  2. Amen to that brother!!

    Oldies but goldies indeed!

    And YES Met is an official sister now…HAHAHAHA….

    SUP BRO!!!

  3. you two OLDIES can CARRY ON 😉

    SUP’ BRO!!

  4. we jus move forward.,sis..haha

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