Some Pick Me Up

Salaams you sneaky blog reader you,

What are you doing here huh?

If you’re in my course…and you’re on this blog…shame on you…shame on you 😉

You guessed it, we’re swarmed with work!


In a sad and sadistic way, it feels good to be this busy again 🙂

But I think the majority of my happiness now is derived from the fact that my precious gem of a mother is back safe and sound.

Alhamdulillah 🙂

And she brought Burger King 😉

THAT and she surprised us by bringing along one of my cousins to spend 2 weeks with us.

So since I’ll be busy with work and entertaining my good guest, you can expect a lack of activity on this here blog.

But worry not faithful Smooth Criminal Magic Blog reader, I am not gone, just occupied 🙂

Oh yeah, don’t worry, I shall bring my cousin to UBD, so all you women can see what a true tall, dark and handsome Yemeni Arab is supposed to look like, unlike the pathetic excuse of an Arab am I 😉

Heh, compared to all my cousins in S’pore, it looks like I came out in the ‘reject’ pile 😉

But it’s cool.

I can do magic 🙂


You tired?


But ya got work to do???

Here’s some ‘pick me up’,

*Just click play, there’s no video, just audio*

I love this song, it’s a happy tune and an awesome remix because it minimalizes the tune, allowing you to hear the base and heart of the rhythm.

It provides me with some nice ‘pick me up’ when I’m drained 🙂

Hopefully, it’ll help you out too, Insha Allah.

Righto, I gots to get back to what’s important.

See you when I see you Insha Allah.


Stay safe,

And no, my cousin is not single 😉



2 Responses to “Some Pick Me Up”


  2. Don’t say I didn’t invite you over… 😉

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