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Salaams 🙂

Right, so out of the 24 hours of today…I only studied…what…4?


* * *

On a brighter note, it was Hamza’s birthday on Monday!

And me, being a moron, forgot!

Shows just how fantastic I am with dates. Told you I have a time management problem 😉



Sorry your cousin was MIA yeah?

These are pics from his birthday outing with friends:

*He lafs it*

*Lafs it very much*

Hahahahaa, the guy showing Hamza’s head much love is my other cousin, Kadir – a self-proclaimed gorgeous person! Haha! See, I’m not the only one yang perasan! 😛

But nah, these cousins are my generation, I grew up, fought and had sleep overs with them and they’re both very dear to me 🙂

And yes…I’m the youngest-looking (and acting!) and the shortest amongst them…but I laf it 😉

I’m sure many of you still find it hard to believe Hamza and me are the same age…well, not anymore lah, his birthday just passed – mine’s in December.

That’s December 13th.

You know…

That’s a Saturday…you know…just…

Yeah 🙂

Just note it down somewhere 😛

Since we’re on the topic of my cousins…allow me to share with you my gorgeous family members in S’pore 🙂

*Iskandar – He isn’t exactly family, but I love him like a brother – if only you all knew how much he’s helped me*

*Husin – He’s Hamza’s younger brother*

*Hassan – Well…what can I say? The ladies love him 😉 *

It has to be said that despite my age…I actually spend more time with Hassan & Husin. They’re slightly younger than me by about 2-3 years, but I feel more comfortable with them – don’t ask why! We just get along better 🙂

Plus Hamza would always take the most chicken when we ate 😦

Together, us three, me, Hassan & Husin, we’d be THE THREE AMIGOS, hehe, I miss that. We’d have sleep overs and do completely useless things – and yet it is these useless things that we remember the most 🙂

With Husin I have very deep and philosophical talks with – he can go deeper than you can ever attempt, philosophically and religiously. I grew up with Husin as well, pretty much 🙂

With Hassan I have super-nonsense kind of talks. He can jive with me and my random nonsense and is more tolerating of my drawbacks.

Well, both of them are I suppose.

I guess that’s why I prefer being with them 🙂

It’s always nice to be with people who tolerate your drawbacks and prefer to focus on your good sides, isn’t it? 😉


Miss you guys…see you in S’pore during my holidays guys, Insha Allah.

* * *

Alright, enough with the mini-documentary of my cousins in S’pore!

I gotta get back to studying!!!

Stay safe everyone,

And no, ladies, they’re all unavailable 😛


P.S. People always think Hassan & I are brothers – twins even! I can never understand how that works!!



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Double posting today!

Anyway, just had to post this out!

iTricks.TV (a website that features news and videos and stuff for magicians) has picked my latest video, ‘Amati’s Aces‘ as their pick of the day!


*Thank you!*

How cool is that?

Ok, I know it’s not like some prestigious award…but still!

I’m happy 🙂

Alhamdulillah, nice to see years of work pay off 🙂

Azman & Met, thanks guys 🙂

Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

This is my second time receiving this honour actually…iTricks also picked my other video, ‘Simplicity‘ as a pick of their day once as well, some time back.


Just FYI, ‘Gypsy Thread’ is the name of the trick I performed in my ‘Simplicity‘ video…well, my version of it anyway 🙂

Alrighty then, just wanted to let that out 🙂

Wow…what a time for me to be concerned with such matters aye?

Yay, revision week 😛

Stay safe you guys,

And watch my videos if you’re on your study break…you’re on one now right? 😉


P.S. Happy Birthday Jauzi!!!


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It’s amazing,



How many new magic tricks I learn,



And how many new routines I create,



And how many performances I can perfect,



During the revision week…

The Thriller Brothers

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How you guys been?

I sincerely hope everyone’s been fine, Insha Allah.

I have to admit I’m rather upset at myself…well, for one thing, I’ve overeaten…again


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about food or what not, it’s just that I tend to eat more than what is enough to make me full.

This has been happening quite a lot lately, so yeah, not cool 😛

The Ace of Spades plate had one of my maid’s killer kebab burgers, some baked potatoes, broccoli and baked fish fillets.

The brown plate had cake on it 😀

And mousse! 😉

See…more than enough kan!

Hehehe, well, Alhamdulillah. I shouldn’t complain.

Just make more of an effort to eat in moderation, that’s all 🙂

At least I have food…no, GOOD food, to eat 🙂


Another, and perhaps a more valid reason for me to be upset with myself is that I haven’t properly gotten into the swing of revision. I checked out the past paper questions (thanks Azman!) and they don’t look easy…

And yet…

I’d be up at 3 am practicing my God-damn rope routine…

I’m uh…gonna shoot another video soon… 😛

Alright, alright…after the exams at least 🙂

* * *

Check out what I got in my Spam folder!

*Gasp! I was caught naked!!!*


And so the scandal continues! First my Spam folder told me ‘they’ have a hidden cam video of me and now they’ve caught me ‘naked’.

*Sigh* The simple cheap laughs you get from your everyday Spam 🙂

* * *

Alhamdulillah, I’m so glad that many people (including other magicians) have taken my latest magic video ‘Amati’s Aces‘ very well. Someone on Youtube actually commented that it was better than Copperfield’s version!


Now that’s some heavy stuff there!

If you ask me, I don’t think anything can beat the original but if that guy says so, I ain’t gonna argue, hehe 😀

To everyone that watched it – thanks for taking the time to do so 🙂

You can watch it again if you want…you know…just…you know…for fun 😉

It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone 😛

* * *

Everyone has said that the Thriller video I posted a while back bears no resemblance to me…


Look at this freeze frame of the video:


In case you don’t know me very well…


It’s a computer rendered 3D image of a picture I had to upload, so granted the eyes look a bit demented and the nose looks like freaking Bert from Sesame Street and my eyebrows look like they belong to the actor who played the father in American Pie – BUT…it’s me.




Just for kicks, I asked my brother to do the same and check out his video!

*Helmi Alhamid as Michael Jackson*

Hahahahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw his video!

It’s as if MJ didn’t have nose surgery!


If you wanna try this thing out, go to Michael and give it a shot, it’s really easy 🙂

* * *

Whilst on the topic of Michael Jackson, I came across a really really nice remix of MJ’s ‘Earth Song’.

I was quite worried when I saw the title: Earth Song (India Dream Megajacko Chill 2008 remix), not knowing what to expect.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a very soothing remix.

Very nice on the ears 🙂

Have a listen

* * *

Alrighty then my friends, I got me some pseudo-studying to do 😛

Stay safe!




Amati’s Aces

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Salaams everyone!

Remember that video I was talking about a couple of posts back?

Well, the wait is over (were you really waiting? 😛 )

But before I stick it up here, a little background info on the effect itself:

7 years ago I was inspired by Copperfield’s beautiful and elegant ace assembly routine. It was the trick that made me stand up and declare that I would become a magician. I then set out to learn that very ace assembly.

After 1 year of researching and learning magic, I was performing Copperfield’s version of it – exactly. After a while, I sat down and thought about how morally incorrect it was of me to copy Copperfield’s routine.

Where was the originality?

So, with inspiration from his routine, I set out to create my own ace assembly routine. I wanted to create a routine that carried the dramatic weight that Copperfield’s had.

The creation of this effect took slightly more than 2 years.

Pretty long for a card trick 😉

But this is the product of many hours of brain storming and practicing.

I dedicate this to my grand aunty, Amati Nur, my biggest fan 🙂

*Amati Nur*

I know it’s not as great as Copperfield’s, nor was it intended to be, but at least it’s original and it’s mine 🙂

I sincerely hope that I’ve achieved what I set out to do.

And I sincerely hope that I will inspire people; like how Copperfield inspired me all those years ago.

*Amati’s Aces*

On a side note, I closed my last show at The Mall, with this routine and it went down so well (Alhamdulillah) that the media team recording the show replayed the footage of the routine a second time.

Very heartwarming.

Hope you all enjoy it!

And don’t feel shy to let me know what you really think of it, it’s the only way I can improve 🙂

Salaams and stay safe everyone!


P.S. A major major thank you goes out to Metis Wong Kuan Lee for helping me shoot the video and for putting up with my perfectionism. That video took about 17 takes altogether – all because I wasn’t happy 😛 Thank you so much bro! You are so patient with me, I owe you big time buddy!

P.P.S. Another major major major thank you goes to the one and only AZ-MAN, for without his kind loaning of his camera, all these videos would probably not be on Youtube! Muchas gracias eh big guy? YOU DA MAN! 😉

Gym & Cheesecake

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Wanna relax?

Listen to this, it’s just audio, no video.

*A smoothly sampled beat from MJ’s ‘Lady In My Life’*

* * *

Now that I think about it, I’m rather pathetic.

And Met finds that peculiar (f-BEECH!) 😉

See, went to the gym for about two hours, chatted with friends, did some magic with the boys, and left. Did a pretty decent workout too I might add, spent about 30 mins on the treadmill – which is an accomplishment for my short, hairy self because I usually run for about 15 mins.

HBO really helps! 😛

Did some light weight bench pressing and I punished my abs too.

I even checked my weight and discovered that I actually lost about 1.5 kg lately 🙂

I am around 69 kg now, I used to be 59 kg during my peak of physical fitness during my stint in the Police. My aim is to at least hit 65 kg.

Then I watched Leong teeter on the gay side, by going to an all girls dance class…


Carry on!


But when I came back home, I was absolutely starving – I didn’t have lunch see. So I ate a little bit more than I should. Had a nice big chunk of cheesecake, a latte (but of course), and a full bowl of my maid’s really really really nice fried rice.

Then, what did I do after the whole epic dinner?

Slept like a log.

I didn’t even shower.

I know.

I know.


Woke up around 11.30 pm and showered then.

I feel energized, but at the same time, I feel disappointed that I overate, I didn’t need to have such large portions of cake and rice…but yeah.

And it isn’t just today…

A couple of days ago, I finished up the tiramisu in the fridge…

*Tiramisu…vanished! Magic! Yay! 😛 *

I finished that WHOLE container of tiramisu all by myself, yes I did 😀

Over the course of a week lah! 😛

Anyway, I don’t feel too bad about the sleeping though cos I didn’t get many winks the night before anyway, so it’s all good 🙂

Alhamdulillah, at least I have decent health.

And fur 🙂

* * *

I don’t know about the other students, but we FOS people are more or less done with our lectures and now most of our days are pretty much free.

Part of you feels like you should start catching up with the movies you’ve been setting aside, saying you’d watch it when you’re free – well now’s your chance.

But at the same time, another part of you says, “Hey buddy… buddy…look, your first exam is 2 weeks away…don’t you think…you should…you know? Open a book or something?”

Yeah, that’s Mr. Logic, always giving his opinion when you need it least…but never at the wrong time.


you gonna open a book?

I am…later…ish.


* * *

Oh check this out!

*Comedy magic*

The dude is Jay Sankey, a very popular magician in the magic world…you probably may not have heard of him, but he’s really creative. He’s also a comedian, so this is one of his wackier clips!

He’s even helped Copperfield!

I personally do one or two of his tricks myself 🙂

* * *

*It’s beautiful, thank you 😀 *

Amjaad, my dear Omani sister, you will be sorely missed!

Just remember you will always have friends (AND family) here, in this obscure little country, tucked away in the South East…friends who sincerely care.

As you do.

Even though you don’t show it 😛

* * *

Righto, I am sleepy – again – so I shall call it a night…again…


Salaams and stay safe all of you!

And all your tiramisu belongs to me! 😉



The Final Stretch

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Salaams everyone!

And so now we’re here…we’ve reached the last stretch of road.

The stretch of road we knew would come…but never imagined it to come so fast…

That’s right, we’re merely 2 weeks away from the examinations.

Feels weird don’t it?

I’m still sorting my notes out as if it’s my 2nd week of Uni!

But yeah, that’s life, stuff comes and goes so quick you can’t help but be amazed you had any time to do anything at all.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I know I have time management problems…but yeah…I sincerely hope to get my study fedora on and crunch all those lectures into my hairy little skull and hopefully, regurgitate it (nicely!) on the exams when they appear.

I must admit the subjects I’m worried about the most would be Biometry and Socio-Economic Geography…and maybe Plant Physiology.

Ain’t saying the others are a breeze…but these are just the ones I feel I should really…really…drill into my head; especially Biometry, muy maths no mucho grande.

Gotta practice those questions.

Then disturb Met when I can’t hit it right 😉

Thanks bro, you know I glove you 😛

Alhamdulillah, my geo test earlier today went well – I think. I mean, whatever I studied couldn’t really be applied, but I had some prior knowledge (stuff from last year) that seemed to be applicable to whatever it was that I was writing, so down it went!

Insha Allah, I’ll do well. It’s our only test and the only lecture that the lecturer gave on it I missed, not intentionally, but I had to send Hamza to the airport 😦

Major thanks to Kak Miz for taking down notes for me!! I owe you a gift-wrapped Mahomet 😉

Or maybe just a cookie 😛

So yeah, pray for little old me kay, that I do well on the test?

Muchas gracias 🙂

* * *

Watch this!!!!

*Rock With You – Live*

I grew up watching this very concert!!!

I remember my mum bought me the VHS cassette and I watched it…ALL.THE.TIME.

Again and again and I’d practice the moves like nobody’s business! My neighbours would watch me from their windows and giggle, hahaha!

Oh yeah, when you click play, you’ll see him crouching and stuff…he’s just finished ‘I’ll Be There’ and he’s getting all emotional, you know, to milk it…you know, for the chicks. Trust me, MJ knows how to work the audience!

Then he gets all soulful!!

OH I LOVE this part!! Where he starts going, “Can you feel it?!?!?!” and starts stomping his feet and he starts going nuts.

Whatever he’s ‘feeling’…heck it jumped right outta the screen and into me cos I start feeling it too!

I’m like, “Yeah Mike! I can feel it!!!”


Or maybe I’m just a really big fan 😛

THEN, he starts ‘Rock With You’ by tapping his foot!

How cool is that?

Someone tell me please?

Can someone please tell me, WHO ELSE, can get a whole stadium clapping just by tapping his foot?

Somebody? Please?

He’s just so cool.

The best.


* * *

Remember the magic video I posted a while back?

The Hat

Apparently, I got some really nice comments on it on the magic forum I frequent. It’s rather humbling and at the same time scary to receive such comments because you can’t help but feel that you don’t deserve them?

Like, you know, I don’t think that I’m that great, there are so many other better magicians! But it is nice to be appreciated, especially by other magicians 🙂

If you enjoyed that video, keep checking back on this blog because I’ll be uploading another video soon, Insha Allah. This new video is my pride and joy of magic. It’s an effect I’ve been working on for over 2 years and it’s something that I’ve put alot of time, effort and money into.

You’ll know more about it when I upload it, but safe to say, I’m very excited to see how everyone will take to it.

I hope you all love it as much as I loved creating it.

* * *

Alrighty then, that’s it for me!

You all stay safe yeah?

Oh, and one more thing…


Mickey Mouse is a bad ass 😉