Thriller 25 Promo Video

Salaams ladies and gents.

In a wild and radical move, Sony and Michael Jackson have decided to promote the recently released Thriller 25 album by releasing a short video.

This video has been assigned to me, that’s right you little nuggets, Sony & MJ chose ME to host it on this here blog.

Not only that, but they have USED me IN the footage.

That’s right…yours truly is in this here special promo video.

So watch it.

See if you can catch me anywhere 😉

Then go out and buy the CD.

















You’re probably laughing right now.

And that’s a good thing!


Stay safe you,

And seriously…buy the CD 🙂



8 Responses to “Thriller 25 Promo Video”

  1. Honestly…I feel that I looked a little ‘flat’ but yeah, guess that’s what you get when you render your face in 3D!

    Kind of ironic when you think about it…looking flat when you’re in 3D.

    I also think I look A HECK of a lot like Disney’s Aladdin!

    Oh well…

    I’m in an MJ video…that’s all that matters.

    My life is now complete 🙂

  2. looks nothing like you buddy. sorry.


  3. It’s me lah!

    I had to submit my pics and all 😦

  4. does looks kinda arab looking thou..coz of d hey ta least u did something that made u feel gud ayte 😉

  5. OMG! thatz so freaky am gna have nightmares now…..:P

  6. COS THIS IS THRILLER!!!!!!!!!!

  7. No coz its YOU as thriller~~~
    n met was rite looks NOTHING lyk u…u sure u sent da rite pix???

  8. kaka miza Says:

    HA HA HA HA…It was like u saying “MARIYAM?! MARIYAM?! MARIYAM?!” the whole time….

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