Lost love

She looked so beautiful…sitting there in the yellow light.

I licked my lips in anticipation…my God…what a sight.

Her body was perfect…only God could have made it so.

I could not take it any longer…I had to let go.

So, who did I see you ask…?







Oh wow…she was so delicious!!!

Went to the Sheraton Hotel for the buffet…and Oh. My. God…the lamb…

If you know me, you know that I cannot see lamb…that is my biggest weakness at the dinner table…I just…no…I’m sorry. If it’s lamb…it’s mine.

The lamb was SO good, Masha Allah, I found myself uttering things in my mind and heart as I ate it…it was quite obscene come to think of it.

As I put the lamb in my mouth and chewed on it…the juices all flowed and it was…wow…

I found myself (in my mind) saying stuff like, “You are so beautiful you lamb you…Oh God! I want to marry you! Then I can eat you all the time!!!!”

I went for about 3 plates of lamb…and when I go for lamb, I don’t just take like 1-2 slices yeah?

I’m Yemeni! Ello ello!

Hamza is one too, so he went to the chef and requested that the chef give us the neck of the lamb, which is like one of the most tender, juiciest parts of the lamb…and when it came, Hamza cut slices of it and distributed it around the table.

Guess who got most of it 😉

Oh my God, I love lamb!!!!

There’s only one small problem with lamb…it makes you hot, inside and yeah, that messes up the homeostasis you got going on.

I’m currently giving off lots of heat right now…I can feel it.

Even Hamza was telling me that his heart was beating faster when he was eating the lamb.

It is no surprise then to find that heart disease is common in Arabs 😦

The Prophet must have known this, that’s why he recommended that we eat lamb maximum one or twice a month. I try to keep to that.

But when I DO have lamb, don’t bother cooking other dishes…I won’t touch them 🙂

It’s just me, the table and the lamb.

That’s it.

* * *

Went to the gym with the Homo of Homos and its so nice to see that JPMC hasn’t changed ONE BIT (well, a little). I am seriously considering joining the membership again. I used to go there all the time back when I was in JIS, as I trained before I entered NS.

Amazingly, the guy who runs the gym actually remembers me!

As you probably no doubt have noticed…I can’t quite recall his name 😦

* * *

Wow, I’m SO HOT!!!

No I mean like…wow…I got the fan & air con running and I’m giving off heat like a radiator.

I think I might go for a shower after this.


* * *

Here are some pics from the bird watching expedition we went on on Sunday.

Muchas gracias to Hanie for putting them up on FB, I nicked some yeah Han?

*When egrets fly*

*In-bus magician 🙂 *

*Indiana Alhamid leads the expedition 😉 *

*Found a very rare species of nodding donkey…God we so look like tourists…*

*No Hanie, we’re not F4…I don’t even know what F4 is, but we’re not it!*

*Met!!! All of us wore something different this time! Yay! *

*And Hamza traumatized me… 😦 *

*But as I said…he likes Chinese guys bah… 😉 *

*Hehe…male bonding…awww, they holding hands 🙂 *


* * *

Ok you people, I have to go cool down 🙂

Stay safe yeah?

And Met…you so wacky.



23 Responses to “Lost love”

  1. no worries. me and hamza are in good terms now. haha he’s WACKY when he’s pissed mann HAHAHAHA!

  2. We’re all wacky man! 🙂

    But you’re the wackiest, I mean, obviously.

    You got almonds in your hair 🙂

  3. almond. it’s getting old lahh brother. come up with something new. *yawns*

  4. God Typical arab 😛

  5. Amjaad, of course 😀

    Laham lathith jiddan!!!!

  6. Your welcome Aman! =D

    Btw the MJ video… now that is so WACKY!!!


  7. man, it`s like he arab indiana jones haha..if u had a wip..it`s over~ lol..and charles jr wud be the lost civilisations indians..which u have to deal wifh his wackyness of koz hehe..yea hamza love wacky chinese boys man..look at em holding hands..it` reminds people the feeling of first love,walking along the beaches..lol CCRREEE~ says his shirt i think it means ‘suppeerr’

  8. HAHAHAHAHA, Leong, you so crazy bro!

    Crazy…but true.


  9. Oh n i thot all u knew was burtuqal and hamam…lol aiight laham lathith if u say so :p

  10. Jaad! I love lamb ok?

    I HAVE to know LAHAM! 😉

    Then, I must know how to tell the Chef that his cooking rocks right?

    So…laham lathith 😀

    But yeah…OTHER THAN THAT…my Arabic is really pathetic. You laughed when I spoke it…remember? :p

  11. Hey u laughed at ma pic so we are even 😉

  12. No complaints here Aish…uh, I mean Amjaad 😛

  13. Urgh
    u just earned urself a series of hard ass shlagen my friend…wait and see

  14. Bring it on Oman!

    It’ll be the war between Yemen and Oman!

    Just leave your khanjar at home… ;p

  15. Oh no brother thatz the first thing am bringing and the khanjarang too :p..so bring it yaaa man!

  16. aaah. no wonder hamza’s hot. haha. jk jk. buuut that lamb surely initiated salivation :///

  17. oooor should i say ‘no wonder yemeni are hot’?? :p

  18. i know one REALLY not-so-hot Yemeni =)

  19. Amania: Haha, thank you ;P

    Met: I’m SO SO SO glad you don’t find me hot bro…that would be…awkward…

  20. no i never find you hot bro. that would be….soo….wacky~

  21. kaka miza Says:

    Assalamualaikum bumbu….he he thats a nice picture of me and met u posted the only one i think…hehe kesian met that day….

    i look so bulat…macam pau…he he

    i was looking at the lamb picture u posted…i had no idea it was lamb i thought it was a mutilated something for a bio experiment….

    you look so adorable in that pic with ur ma in a boat he he…so innocent but like always do not be deceived Aman is prankster and hence a “smooth criminal”….who messes up my drawings by adding hammers as accessories to my beautiful models and poop to my adorable ponies…

  22. Wlsm Kak!!!

    You ARE a pau I think, Mahomet’s Pau no? 😉

    If that lamb was a bio experiment…it was the most delicious bio experiment ever!

    And don’t ponies poop?

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