The Barber Shop

So I just got back from the barber shop…and…well…I don’t feel so good.

See, “here’s the thing” (Metis, 2008), I’ve been going to this barber shop for well over 12 years. Everyone there knows me. Some of the barbers have left, some new barbers have come in, but I always go there cos it’s cheap and the service is good.

Recently, this new guy, let’s call him A, starts working there, he’s cut my hair a couple of times. Now, A is a great guy, he’s nice to talk to, makes you feel comfortable, establishes good PR basically.

However…his haircuts are…

Well, I’m not gonna say they’re bad, but I’m never fully satisfied with his work. Now, there’s nothing wrong with him or what, it’s just I have a preference for the way the other guy, B, cuts my hair – he’s cut my hair before and I’ve always liked his work.

So, I was wondering, how am I going to get B to cut my hair because I know A is ever enthusiastic about cutting a new customer’s hair, and seeing as how we’re friends (we have our own handshake and all) I didn’t know how to go about doing this without hurting A’s feelings.

I asked my mum and my mum just told me to kindly ask for B the next time I go there, she said A would understand…sounded simple enough.

Went to the barber just now, saw A and B side by side, both cutting a customer’s hair. I sat in an empty chair behind B. A smiled at me and nodded, I returned the favor. I somehow felt that A was trying his best to quickly finish up his customer so as to not make me wait.

Didn’t make what I was going to do any easier I’ll tell you that.

I was hoping that B would finish sooner, so that I wouldn’t have to say anything. I was hoping that B would just finish up and say, “Next” and I’ll just hop in.

But before I knew it, the customer got out of A’s seat.

A looked at me and invited me into his chair.

I cringed as I said, in my pathetic broken malay, “No, it’s ok, I’m waiting for this guy”.

I swear, if I could hear a heart break, it would be then.

A looked really…lost. Hurt even. He just nodded, wiped the counter and left. I hung my head, couldn’t really look at the guy anymore.

B’s customer finally finished.

Sat in, got my hair cut…and it was nice πŸ™‚


My mind wondered about whether A took it personally.

He shouldn’t. He’s a professional, I mean…it’s not him, I just like B’s work…I mean, is that wrong?


B finished and I paid and when I left, I saw A sitting near my car.

He had his arms crossed and he looked really disturbed.

As I walked to my car he called me over, and extended his hand to salaam me. I salaam-ed him and said good night. Then he looked at me with a sense of betrayal in his eyes as he said, “You don’t like the way I cut hair?”

Oh God 😦

This is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

We were friends after all…I didn’t know what to expect…nor say.

I ended up blurting something out that went along the lines of, “I wanted to try someone new…”

Tried to tell him not to feel bad about it but with my horrible standard of malay I think I probably told him the Sun was blue or something.

He nodded despairingly as I left.

Got in my car and as I drove off, I turned to wave good bye to him, he waved back…with a sulk on his face and then returned to crossing his arms as he looked into the night sky.

Did I do something wrong?

I mean…don’t I have a choice?

I understand that we were friends and all…but…yeah…

I always try to make sure I don’t hurt people’s feelings…though once in a while it’s unavoidable…and when I do, I always apologise…but I try to steer clear of such situations whenever I can.

Hate being in such situations.

Now what am I gonna do?

Why do I feel so crappy about it?

God…it’s just a hair cut…

Re-reading this post it sure sounds like some messed up love story involving alphabetically named barbers and a promiscuous customer.

Now I’m not too sure what to do or say the next time I go there…

* * *

Anyway, on a brighter note, I uploaded a new video!!! Yay!

Well, Met did it for me already (thanks big guy!) but just in case you haven’t seen it (*gasp* you haven’t seen it??!), here it is πŸ™‚

And if you’ve seen it, you can watch it again, I won’t tell anyone πŸ˜›

*The Hat*

Stay safe everyone,

And A, I’m really sorry, don’t take it personally 😦



6 Responses to “The Barber Shop”

  1. awww dont worry bro. i guess A will understand, somehow. Well if you ever want to try something new, you can always try out my hairdresser πŸ˜‰

    Aman with spiky, almond-coloured hair. Beat that! HAHA.

  2. Haha, no thanks bro, I think one nut around UBD is more than enough πŸ˜‰

  3. and one broad bean around UBD is sufficient too πŸ™‚

  4. Are they the same dudes that were fighting abt smoking….lol

  5. Same shop but not the same guys πŸ™‚

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