The Final Stretch

Salaams everyone!

And so now we’re here…we’ve reached the last stretch of road.

The stretch of road we knew would come…but never imagined it to come so fast…

That’s right, we’re merely 2 weeks away from the examinations.

Feels weird don’t it?

I’m still sorting my notes out as if it’s my 2nd week of Uni!

But yeah, that’s life, stuff comes and goes so quick you can’t help but be amazed you had any time to do anything at all.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I know I have time management problems…but yeah…I sincerely hope to get my study fedora on and crunch all those lectures into my hairy little skull and hopefully, regurgitate it (nicely!) on the exams when they appear.

I must admit the subjects I’m worried about the most would be Biometry and Socio-Economic Geography…and maybe Plant Physiology.

Ain’t saying the others are a breeze…but these are just the ones I feel I should really…really…drill into my head; especially Biometry, muy maths no mucho grande.

Gotta practice those questions.

Then disturb Met when I can’t hit it right 😉

Thanks bro, you know I glove you 😛

Alhamdulillah, my geo test earlier today went well – I think. I mean, whatever I studied couldn’t really be applied, but I had some prior knowledge (stuff from last year) that seemed to be applicable to whatever it was that I was writing, so down it went!

Insha Allah, I’ll do well. It’s our only test and the only lecture that the lecturer gave on it I missed, not intentionally, but I had to send Hamza to the airport 😦

Major thanks to Kak Miz for taking down notes for me!! I owe you a gift-wrapped Mahomet 😉

Or maybe just a cookie 😛

So yeah, pray for little old me kay, that I do well on the test?

Muchas gracias 🙂

* * *

Watch this!!!!

*Rock With You – Live*

I grew up watching this very concert!!!

I remember my mum bought me the VHS cassette and I watched it…ALL.THE.TIME.

Again and again and I’d practice the moves like nobody’s business! My neighbours would watch me from their windows and giggle, hahaha!

Oh yeah, when you click play, you’ll see him crouching and stuff…he’s just finished ‘I’ll Be There’ and he’s getting all emotional, you know, to milk it…you know, for the chicks. Trust me, MJ knows how to work the audience!

Then he gets all soulful!!

OH I LOVE this part!! Where he starts going, “Can you feel it?!?!?!” and starts stomping his feet and he starts going nuts.

Whatever he’s ‘feeling’…heck it jumped right outta the screen and into me cos I start feeling it too!

I’m like, “Yeah Mike! I can feel it!!!”


Or maybe I’m just a really big fan 😛

THEN, he starts ‘Rock With You’ by tapping his foot!

How cool is that?

Someone tell me please?

Can someone please tell me, WHO ELSE, can get a whole stadium clapping just by tapping his foot?

Somebody? Please?

He’s just so cool.

The best.


* * *

Remember the magic video I posted a while back?

The Hat

Apparently, I got some really nice comments on it on the magic forum I frequent. It’s rather humbling and at the same time scary to receive such comments because you can’t help but feel that you don’t deserve them?

Like, you know, I don’t think that I’m that great, there are so many other better magicians! But it is nice to be appreciated, especially by other magicians 🙂

If you enjoyed that video, keep checking back on this blog because I’ll be uploading another video soon, Insha Allah. This new video is my pride and joy of magic. It’s an effect I’ve been working on for over 2 years and it’s something that I’ve put alot of time, effort and money into.

You’ll know more about it when I upload it, but safe to say, I’m very excited to see how everyone will take to it.

I hope you all love it as much as I loved creating it.

* * *

Alrighty then, that’s it for me!

You all stay safe yeah?

Oh, and one more thing…


Mickey Mouse is a bad ass 😉



6 Responses to “The Final Stretch”

  1. A football player named Christiano Ronaldo can make a whole stadium go bonkers just by tapping his foot. =)

  2. Aren’t you supposed to be asleep?


    Christiano who?

    Never heard of him, but if you say so, I believe you.

    Still, bet he can’t start a SONG with it 😉

  3. Dude your spanish is HORRIBLE hehe….i didnt get a thing…what were u trying to say??? ‘muy maths no mucho grande’ ??????? i might be able to help 😉

    and Miza is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice.. dun ever expect me to do that for u….na too lazy ma self 😛

    Yeah ppl have been raving about ur hat video shame i haven’t seen it eh???? *winks*

  4. Of course my spanish is horrid, I’m Yemeni 😉


    Yeah, Kak Miz is the best! I owe her big time!

    Your friends have seen my Hat video and you haven’t right? Right? What is this Amjaad?

    And you call yourself a friend 😉

    Will pass you the clips tomorrow Insha Allah – then you got no excuse 😛

  5. bohoo. aerosmith is still the <3s.

  6. Aerosmith is awesome, must admit.

    But can they “feel it??!?!!!”


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