The Thriller Brothers


How you guys been?

I sincerely hope everyone’s been fine, Insha Allah.

I have to admit I’m rather upset at myself…well, for one thing, I’ve overeaten…again


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about food or what not, it’s just that I tend to eat more than what is enough to make me full.

This has been happening quite a lot lately, so yeah, not cool 😛

The Ace of Spades plate had one of my maid’s killer kebab burgers, some baked potatoes, broccoli and baked fish fillets.

The brown plate had cake on it 😀

And mousse! 😉

See…more than enough kan!

Hehehe, well, Alhamdulillah. I shouldn’t complain.

Just make more of an effort to eat in moderation, that’s all 🙂

At least I have food…no, GOOD food, to eat 🙂


Another, and perhaps a more valid reason for me to be upset with myself is that I haven’t properly gotten into the swing of revision. I checked out the past paper questions (thanks Azman!) and they don’t look easy…

And yet…

I’d be up at 3 am practicing my God-damn rope routine…

I’m uh…gonna shoot another video soon… 😛

Alright, alright…after the exams at least 🙂

* * *

Check out what I got in my Spam folder!

*Gasp! I was caught naked!!!*


And so the scandal continues! First my Spam folder told me ‘they’ have a hidden cam video of me and now they’ve caught me ‘naked’.

*Sigh* The simple cheap laughs you get from your everyday Spam 🙂

* * *

Alhamdulillah, I’m so glad that many people (including other magicians) have taken my latest magic video ‘Amati’s Aces‘ very well. Someone on Youtube actually commented that it was better than Copperfield’s version!


Now that’s some heavy stuff there!

If you ask me, I don’t think anything can beat the original but if that guy says so, I ain’t gonna argue, hehe 😀

To everyone that watched it – thanks for taking the time to do so 🙂

You can watch it again if you want…you know…just…you know…for fun 😉

It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone 😛

* * *

Everyone has said that the Thriller video I posted a while back bears no resemblance to me…


Look at this freeze frame of the video:


In case you don’t know me very well…


It’s a computer rendered 3D image of a picture I had to upload, so granted the eyes look a bit demented and the nose looks like freaking Bert from Sesame Street and my eyebrows look like they belong to the actor who played the father in American Pie – BUT…it’s me.




Just for kicks, I asked my brother to do the same and check out his video!

*Helmi Alhamid as Michael Jackson*

Hahahahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw his video!

It’s as if MJ didn’t have nose surgery!


If you wanna try this thing out, go to Michael and give it a shot, it’s really easy 🙂

* * *

Whilst on the topic of Michael Jackson, I came across a really really nice remix of MJ’s ‘Earth Song’.

I was quite worried when I saw the title: Earth Song (India Dream Megajacko Chill 2008 remix), not knowing what to expect.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a very soothing remix.

Very nice on the ears 🙂

Have a listen

* * *

Alrighty then my friends, I got me some pseudo-studying to do 😛

Stay safe!





3 Responses to “The Thriller Brothers”

  1. you always complain about your gluttony! makan sajaa or else i’ll makan all your food, you know i’m capable of doing so hehe =)

  2. awww~ caught you naked??? LOLS! macam2 laa the emails ehe..Spam~ Spam~ Spam~

  3. Hiya Zam!

    Yes, yes, the people of Spamville caught me naked.

    Though ‘awww’ wouldn’t exactly be the term I’d use when seeing a man naked…but…yeah.


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