It’s amazing,



How many new magic tricks I learn,



And how many new routines I create,



And how many performances I can perfect,



During the revision week…


4 Responses to “Productive”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA well done bro! At least you’ve done ‘something’ productive eh? CARRY ON! 🙂

  2. hahaha very productive indeed:D

    & im soo not ready for the exam..procrastinator? ehehe..


  3. CONSPIRACY tuuu~ lol.

    Good luck in everything btw! 😀

    yes, that includes the magic tricks bit. hehe

  4. Met & Zam: Procrastinators unite!!!


    Rosie: Conspiracy? Actually…no…it’s a very scary truth.

    Oh well, good news is I got more tricks up me sleeve 😉

    And thanks, good luck to you too! Though I reckon you won’t need it much…esp with Biometry and Plant aye 😉

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