Salaams 🙂

Right, so out of the 24 hours of today…I only studied…what…4?


* * *

On a brighter note, it was Hamza’s birthday on Monday!

And me, being a moron, forgot!

Shows just how fantastic I am with dates. Told you I have a time management problem 😉



Sorry your cousin was MIA yeah?

These are pics from his birthday outing with friends:

*He lafs it*

*Lafs it very much*

Hahahahaa, the guy showing Hamza’s head much love is my other cousin, Kadir – a self-proclaimed gorgeous person! Haha! See, I’m not the only one yang perasan! 😛

But nah, these cousins are my generation, I grew up, fought and had sleep overs with them and they’re both very dear to me 🙂

And yes…I’m the youngest-looking (and acting!) and the shortest amongst them…but I laf it 😉

I’m sure many of you still find it hard to believe Hamza and me are the same age…well, not anymore lah, his birthday just passed – mine’s in December.

That’s December 13th.

You know…

That’s a Saturday…you know…just…

Yeah 🙂

Just note it down somewhere 😛

Since we’re on the topic of my cousins…allow me to share with you my gorgeous family members in S’pore 🙂

*Iskandar – He isn’t exactly family, but I love him like a brother – if only you all knew how much he’s helped me*

*Husin – He’s Hamza’s younger brother*

*Hassan – Well…what can I say? The ladies love him 😉 *

It has to be said that despite my age…I actually spend more time with Hassan & Husin. They’re slightly younger than me by about 2-3 years, but I feel more comfortable with them – don’t ask why! We just get along better 🙂

Plus Hamza would always take the most chicken when we ate 😦

Together, us three, me, Hassan & Husin, we’d be THE THREE AMIGOS, hehe, I miss that. We’d have sleep overs and do completely useless things – and yet it is these useless things that we remember the most 🙂

With Husin I have very deep and philosophical talks with – he can go deeper than you can ever attempt, philosophically and religiously. I grew up with Husin as well, pretty much 🙂

With Hassan I have super-nonsense kind of talks. He can jive with me and my random nonsense and is more tolerating of my drawbacks.

Well, both of them are I suppose.

I guess that’s why I prefer being with them 🙂

It’s always nice to be with people who tolerate your drawbacks and prefer to focus on your good sides, isn’t it? 😉


Miss you guys…see you in S’pore during my holidays guys, Insha Allah.

* * *

Alright, enough with the mini-documentary of my cousins in S’pore!

I gotta get back to studying!!!

Stay safe everyone,

And no, ladies, they’re all unavailable 😛


P.S. People always think Hassan & I are brothers – twins even! I can never understand how that works!!


10 Responses to “Cousins”

  1. Nah you and Hassan look NOTHING alike…Maybe its the same TWINS-type as me and Ayshah…i swear ppl are blind 😉

    WOW Nadia Looks that the traditional dress? (for once i dun knw :p) it kinda looks lyk ours not much difference…

  2. You’re right! People are! Maybe they just have nothing better to do!! 😛

    Yeah, I love Nadia – she was very close to my mum and is probably the closest thing I have to a REAL sister 🙂

    AND she’s shorter than me!

    She has a baby boy who is VERY handsome, has her eyes – Insha Allah will post his picture up sometime 🙂

  3. Whoops, forgot to answer your question!

    The dress is not our traditional one – we ‘borrowed’ from you guys and the Indians a little, I think.

    Remember ‘hybrid cultures’?

    Don’t forget, Yemenis are miskeen 🙂

  4. Hamza should just join hollywood/bollywood! He can act so well with that face of his I reckon’ LOL

    He lafs it~

  5. He lafs it very much.

  6. ur female cousin looks pretty..and shes maried..AAWWWW~ too bad~ lol ohmygawd~ wacky~

  7. that cousin of yours, Nadia..she’s really pretty 😀 & ure quite cute too Aman! hehehe..ohh goshh i gotta get back studying too! fuh! i hate exams:S

  8. Leong: Yes, she’s married bro…and I thought you liked blonde chicks…?

    Zam: Why thank you Zam! Yes, Nadia is gorgeous! You should see her sisters! Good luck for the exams Zam!

  9. then i would like to see her sister!! lol it`s ok..i can take a time out form the blonde affection lol

  10. and gud luck to ur exams..u`ll do just is everyone else 😉

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