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Seed of Barakah

Posted in Black, Booga, Funny, Umar on May 7, 2008 by smoothcriminalmagic


And we got 6 left to go…

Well, I have 6 exams left to go.

Alhamdulillah x 3, The paper was good. A pleasant paper that was, yes, indeed, rather.

I love pleasant papers like that. I can go to the loo and take a break from all that sitting down.

Let it be known; sitting down is hard work 😛

Nah, I went to the loo like 4 times during the paper!!

Drank lots of water the night before as well as earlier today, you see 😀

Yeah…I have this mouth ulcer…that really really really hurts 😦

AND it’s a big one…yeah, almost as big as the size of my pinkie nail!

Now that’s big!

You know what sucks?

Seeing/Reading about a full grown man complain about a wound smaller than a nostril.


So I’ll stop now 😛


I asked my mum what I could put on it to make it better (Mums always know these kind of things don’t they?) and she said habbat assaudah oil. Habbat assaudah (or also known as habbat albarakah – which literally means the seed of barakah or blessings) is the black seed that is widely sold in Saudi. Looks like this,

*Image from*

It’s also known as Black Cumen but if you want to be really fancy about it, it’s scientific name is Nigella sativa.

In Islamic medicine, this seed is held in very high regard (hence the name ‘seed of blessing’) and it has been used for hundreds of years.

And I conveniently forgot all about it.

So anyway my mum told me to use the black seed oil…and I asked, “Are you sure it’ll help?”

And she turned to me and said, “The Prophet P.B.U.H. once said that this seed can cure all diseases but death – I’m sure it can handle an ulcer”.

In the words of the Wacky Met…”~nyeah”.

I completely forgot about how we used to apply this oil to Umar’s lips when they crack (thanks to a cold night) and they healed by the end of the day!!

And look at his lips…

*You can’t touch this!*

There it is, Umar’s Infamous Pout.

Look at his good looks lah!

Umar! What are doing with such stunning good looks aye?! Huh? What are you doing with it huh?

Helmi got all the height and you got all the good looks and nice skin and everything!

I just got stuck with all the HAIR.

Hehehe, 😀

Yeah, but if your good looks were to be any indication of the beauty within you…I’d say it’s doing a pretty good job, little guy 🙂

Yup, you are our seed of barakah 🙂

I’ve already applied the oil.

Now I’m gonna try and see if my pout looks as good as his 😉

Good luck for the rest of your exams my friends!

Stay safe,

And [the seed] is BLACK!!! 😉



The Birthday of An Angel

Posted in Islam, Love, Umar on April 6, 2008 by smoothcriminalmagic


I want to just take a minute to wish happy birthday my dearest younger brother, Umar!


*Umar Alhamid*

He’s now 18 years old!!!

Masha Allah 🙂

And yet, he’s still just a big baby 🙂

Umar has cerebral palsy, a condition he obtained shortly after delivery. Many people tend to view him as a burden to the family…but he has been nothing short of a blessing. He has brought much rezki to me and my family. Living and taking care of him has meant that my family and I have witnessed many miraculous things, which maybe I may blog about some time…but safe to say, there’s more to Umar than meets the eye.

He has taught all of us to be patient, he has inspired all of us with his strength and he has always reminded us…of what is truly important – akhirat (the hereafter).

I’ve always felt that Umar wanted to be this way…you know? Like, his soul was given a choice…to come on Earth as a normal human being and go through the struggles of life for a shot at a place in Heaven or to arrive on Earth a little bit different…and to suffer the physical pain of being different (he suffers from occasional fits and painful muscle cramps) and being denied of the simple pleasures of the world…but be guaranteed a place in Heaven.

I’d like to think that my brother made the wiser choice and sacrificed a normal life here on Earth…to obtain a better life in the Hereafter.

And I’ve always had the feeling that he did it for my mum.

He cannot walk nor speak and he suffers from cortical blindness, which means that there’s nothing wrong with his eyes…but the brain does not compute or process the visual information collected by the eyes.

Despite all this, I feel he is much, much, much better than any or all of us, for he has not sinned…not once…hehe, and his feet have never touched the ground 🙂

He is an absolute ANGEL and my family and I love him to absolute bits!

I love you Umar, and I know this world may mean nothing to you…but I am proud to call you my brother.